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I’m moving and I’m shaking [YUL>YVR]

In February I told you that I was taking a break from freelancing and embracing a full time gig at Vancouver based startup Unbounce. Well, it’s time for some more bitter-but-oh-so-sweet news; As of June, I’ll be making the move from my hometown Montreal to Vancouver, for a while.

In March, I spent almost 2 weeks in the office there… Needless to say, it wasn’t long before my heart started to struggle with relocating. I won’t say it’s Vancouver that sold me (yet, but look at that view!), but rather Unbounce itself and the people I already have a connection with (one of which is Russell’s BFF). After some promises to remain a devout Habs fan and to return to Montreal, I decided this really is an opportunity I have to follow.

The Montreal Tech Community is one I will sorely miss …I can’t stress that enough. It was just over 3 years ago that I joined Twitter, and sheepishly attended my first tech event (a WPMTL meetup) where knowing absolutely no one, I was welcomed by Eva Blue, Kathryn Presner, and others. Somewhere around that same time I stumbled in love with Tanya McGinnity and Montreal Girl Geeks — Which honestly, changed everything. 

In only the last few years, I went from working at my family business (and a small ad agency on the side) to running Montreal Girl Geeks, speaking at events, and (sometimes overwhelmingly) successfully freelancing at what I love.

Without people like Pier-Luc, Eva, Sarah-JaneSandyLieslAlistair, Alex, RobinTara, KathrynBrendan, Laurent, SteveFelipeHeri…. (I could go on but I’ll spare you the gushing) my life, not only professionally, would be completely different. This is not a sobby good-bye at all, I’ll be back, just taking an opportunity to express my ridiculous gratitude for such an awesome community. 

This of course also means that I’ll be stepping down as President of Montreal Girl Geeks. I’ll be announcing there soon too. I hope to find a community in YVR that’s nearly half as fantastic as this one. 

Hoping to have a drink on a terrace with you before June!

much #mtllove